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For over 150 years, Pinkerton’s comprehensive approach to asset and brand protection has been the solution to the threat posed by brand pirates.

Our Global Brand Protection Programmes usually incorporate the following steps:

  1. Strategic Assessment Planning and Consulting
    Consultation with the client is always the first step in designing a proactive programme of protection to address corporate risks. This overview includes an assessment of the client’s operations from raw material purchase to the manufacturing process to the distribution cycle and the handling of waste. Working together with the client, Pinkerton is able to identify the specific risks associated with this process.
  2. Preventative Design
    Following a risk analysis, it is often possible to propose design improvements for the product or the packaging which will reduce the risk of brand dilution. Through strategic alliances with partners offering the appropriate proprietary technology such as molecular tagging, we can provide solutions which better measure adulteration and dilution and establish proof of ownership for such products as paints, petroleum, pesticides, perfumes, adhesives, explosives, beverages and most other products.
  3. Education and Awareness
    Pinkerton develops educational and awareness materials designed to inform employees better about the importance of protecting your company’s products and thus the integrity of the brand. We use multimedia and printed materials to target workplace audiences with a sensible, informative and pro-active approach to global brand protection. The aim is to encourage integrity and trust amongst employees whilst empowering them to make good decisions based on company values.
  4. Authentication
    Addressing such issues as counterfeiting, tampering, brand substitution, label modification and grEy market diversion, Pinkerton can assist clients to identify and authenticate their products. We also provide the technical and analytical expertise to track products throughout the supply chain and provide the forensic evidence necessary for prosecution.
  5. Monitoring ecommerce and Traditional Commerce
    Pinkerton is well known for it’s expertise in carrying out sophisticated surveillance and undercover operations, especially in identifying counterfeit and transhipped products around the world. With the rapid growth of business transactions via the Internet, Pinkerton has responded by expanding its commerce monitoring to ecommerce. We can help to protect property by identifying and locating potential theft, counterfeiting, diversion and infringement on the internet. Our monitoring capabilities assist companies not only to track down counterfeit and grey market product but also to conduct business intelligence, verification of distributor product licences and prices, monitoring auction sites. Whether through ecommerce or traditional methods, Pinkerton quickly and cost-effectively responds to all detected infringements.