Qualified, trustworthy and dependable employees are essential to the success of any organisation. Yet it has been shown that up to one third of all job applicants misrepresent or distort their previous career history, educational qualifications, salary details or criminal records, when seeking employment.
An employer who takes on an individual at face value, without proper screening, runs an increased risk of poor performance, dishonesty or worse. Pinkerton can reduce this risk by verifying the applicant’s credentials and providing other information relevant to the employment decision.

These services are increasingly called upon by large blue chip corporations all over the world. Companies are sometimes accused of gross negligence when they have not carried out thorough checks on the backgrounds of new or potential employees. If they had done so, it would have highlighted bogus qualifications, and even disqualified persons from holding positions where millions of pounds may be at risk from their incompetent or fraudulent behaviour.

Whilst not claiming that we can eradicate these incidents completely, our procedures will highlight and prevent a large percentage of these types of predators from having the opportunity of infiltrating your organisation. Thus subsequent damage limitation can be kept to an absolute minimum.

We offer various levels of screening from nominal checks for the lower risk employee to executive profiling for senior appointments.

Nominal background checks usually include:-

  • Verification of educational qualifications.
  • Verification of membership of professional bodies.
  • Training achievements.
  • Authentication of past employment record.
  • Checking current and previous addresses.
  • Enquiries in respect of referees.
  • County Court, civil actions, bankruptcies etc.
  • Credit status reports.

We are able to conduct these enquiries on a European and worldwide basis. They cover periods of 5, 10 or 20 years depending upon the requirements of the client.

With the advent of the new Data Protection Act 1998 and the Human Rights Act 1998, employers should clearly state in the employment application form that pre-employment enquiries will take place to verify qualifications and previous employment records. The subject’s consent must be obtained via a ‘Data Information Release Form’, appropriately signed.

Executive profiling usually includes all of the above, plus:-

  • We conduct more detailed and confidential enquiries which would be beneficial to employers wishing to verify the status of potential ‘high risk’ employees or associates.
  • These enquiries usually reveal any financial problems, criminal associations or disqualification from certain types of occupation.
  • These investigations are in the main conducted covertly and the intelligence collated passed directly to the client without the subject’s knowledge.

Consideration should also be given to including post-employment screening of existing employees. This will cover promotion to sensitive positions where it might be prudent to conduct further enquiries, prior to confirming appointments.

All enquiries are conducted according to a client’s instructions and are strictly confidential to the client. Pinkerton works in partnership with its clients to work out strategies and solutions to resolve specific problems and needs.