It was in 1850 that Pinkerton solved its first case for the Illinois Central Railroad Company and its young attorney, Abraham Lincoln.
The demands of modern business are somewhat different now, but our attitude to our work is the same as it was then – you, the client, are our most important consideration and you deserve the best possible service.

Pinkerton is not only among the oldest and most experienced Investigation and Security Consulting Agencies, we are also one of the largest. PINKERTON CONSULTING AND INVESTIGATIONS has 45 offices worldwide, in Europe, the Far East, and North and South America.

Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations Europe has offices in Harrow, North London, Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm and Bratislava. We have associate representation throughout the UK and Europe and close links with other Pinkerton offices worldwide.

The Pinkerton offices are staffed by personnel with widespread high level experience in the European security industry; our management and operational staff are drawn mainly from police, military and commercial backgrounds so as to ensure that a wide range of experience is available to you, whatever your requirement may be.

Most importantly, you can rely upon our discretion. We do not publish client lists or reveal client identity in any other way without your permission. We work within very strict information security guidelines, so you can be sure that details of our work for you will remain confidential.

We have served thousands of clients, including most of the world’s largest multi-national companies. We have applied our expertise to nearly every kind of business and professional environment, including industry, high technology, banking, government, the retail sector, pharmaceuticals and the legal profession. In the UK alone, our clients include many of the foremost companies and official agencies from a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors.

Pinkerton has been a trusted partner to business since 1850. We are well positioned to undertake projects of any size, from background enquiries to major fraud investigations; from political evacuation planning to providing a full executive protection programme; from electronic ‘debugging’ to security surveys; and from crisis management to the provision of information on political, terrorist and criminal activity worldwide.

Above all, we help clients to solve their security problems and provide reliable information which produces better, more informed, business decisions.

Our information service also provides up to date commentary and threat assessments on over 150 countries around the world – helping you to ensure the security of travelling executives and overseas business locations.