Whether an organisation is hiring a new employee, making an investment decision or preparing for a legal dispute, decisions should be based upon the best available information.

Good information means better business decisions.

Since Allan Pinkerton (the original ‘private eye’) conducted his first investigation in 1850 (for the young attorney, Abraham Lincoln), Pinkerton have assisted organisations worldwide by providing background information, facts, analysis and other investigative services.

Responsible commentators have estimated that internal theft is responsible for up to one third of all business failures. Bribes, blackmail, fraud and other forms of white collar crime are frequently carried out by those who otherwise appear beyond reproach.

Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations conducts detailed investigations using the very latest professional techniques including computer forensics. We carry out these investigations at all levels, from petty office theft to multi-national fraud enquiries and asset searches.

Pinkerton has a proven track record in supporting commerce and the legal profession in criminal and civil proceedings. This service includes:

  • Verifying facts in legal disputes.
  • Tracing, identifying and interviewing witnesses.
  • Locating and analysing documentary evidence.
  • Locating assets and personnel.
  • Preparing affidavits.