6.Investigation and Enforcement
Our investigative capabilities include surveillance, undercover, sightings, interviews, background investigations, computer forensics, field research and product buys. Our international network of offices and investigators means that we can address your brand protection problems on a global basis. We are able to provide the evidence for law enforcement authorities to take action either through search and seizure operations or by closing illegal manufacturing sites and stopping retailers who are trafficking counterfeit merchandise. We have considerable experience of locating the sources of counterfeit products, gathering evidence and working with the authorities to conduct raids and take appropriate criminal and/or civil actions. We also contribute expert testimony and support for criminal prosecution and civil legal actions by providing comprehensive litigation support.

The compromising of all types of intellectual property rights (including patents, trademarks, copyrights, registered designs and trade secrets as well as brands) is a problem for every company that produces a product or provides a service.

Worldwide, counterfeit products in sectors as diverse as cosmetics and military hardware account for over £38 billion in lost revenue. In addition to the economic aspects, many counterfeit products pose a danger to the consumer. Guarding the integrity of your trademark and reducing your exposure to litigation due to defective products are vitally important matters.

Our extensive experience in the field and our presence in those areas where most product
counterfeiting originates, allows us to provide the following services:

  • Security programmes for in-house protection of proprietary information.
  • Investigations into counterfeiting, piracy, theft of trade secrets, parallel imports, usage and non-usage of trade marks, prior use of registered designs.
  • Criminal Action Support and liaison with government enforcement agencies.
  • Civil Action Support, including evidential affidavits, execution of court orders and service of writs.

Our licensing and control programmes have been developed from a need by clients for assistance beyond the mere sourcing of goods. They provide an extra measure of protection in areas such as:

  • Selecting reliable, reputable manufacturers for licensing in foreign territories.
  • Supervising, surveying and reporting royalties and remittances in licensor.
  • Spot inspections.
  • Verification of shipments.
  • Accounting for rejects or seconds.
  • Internal audit inspections.
  • Return or disposal of moulds, tools, film negatives etc.