John Wright, Associate Director, Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations, joined the Pinkerton Crisis Management team in September 1995 after completing 38 years service with Hampshire Constabulary. His career with the police included control of his force’s Criminal Investigation Department, Special Branch, Fraud Squad and Technical Department until his promotion in 1986 to the rank of Assistant Chief Constable in charge of Administration and latterly, Operations and Crime, when he was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal.

John’s police career involved the running and co-ordination of major joint emergency services simulation exercises in preparation for possible major incidents. He was also a member of the Association of Chief Police Officers Committee on Terrorism.

With Pinkerton, John has been involved with numerous projects and has specialised in conducting crisis management simulation exercises for clients in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and the water industry.

JIM BATES, Associate Director for Computer Forensics, Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations, UK

Jim is also Managing Director of Computer Forensics Ltd and is the President and current Chairman of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers.

He has over forty years experience of working with computing equipment as an electronics engineer. Since 1986 he has become a leading expert in computer viruses. He was commissioned to write the government’s reference work on computer viruses known as ‘The Virus Attack Techniques Encyclopaedia’.

In 1989 he began advising the Metropolitan Police Computer Crime Unit on malicious computer material and for ten years presented regular lectures at the Police Staff Training School at Bramshill on Computer Forensic Techniques. In 1997 he was an adviser to the Association of Chief Police Officers Computer Crime Committee on the collection and examination of computer based evidence.

He pioneered the science of computer forensics by formalising the procedures and techniques involved and he designed the Disk Image Backup System (DIBS®). This system is now used by police forces, government and military departments and commercial organisations all over the world to copy and investigate the contents of computer fixed disks.

Jim is highly regarded as an expert witness in court and has been commended for the meticulous care and accuracy of his reports and the clarity of his statements.

MICHAEL WALLER, Operational Team Leader, Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures, Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations, UK

Michael had a long career in the Metropolitan Police with Special Branch where he was a Detective Superintendent. Amongst his many duties was that of Head of the Intelligence Cell in the Anti-Terrorist Branch and he was attached to the Foreign Office as Senior Protection Officer to the Foreign Secretary in 1979.

He supervised and trained a large squad of detectives employed on covert operations and spent some time in the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Group which included being officer in charge for the protection of the Prime Minister in the mid-eighties. He travelled extensively with Lady Margaret Thatcher visiting Heads of State throughout the world. He joined Pinkerton in 1993.