To date, we have been retained by many of Europe’s foremost companies and have provided defensive security packages for some of the largest and most notable hostile take-over bids ever seen in the UK. Our ESCM technical inspections are invariably carried out overnight or at weekends, with a separate discreet inspection during normal working hours, and include:

  • Full radio frequency spectrum analysis to detect operating RF devices (the most common form of bug).
  • Analysis of telephone lines, instruments, mains cables and other wiring, to test for signs of illicit devices or unauthorised tampering.
  • Electronic sweep for non-operating devices, using the latest high technology search equipment.
  • Physical search, aided by special search equipment and infra-red CCTV.

Finally, as an integral part of our service, we report on any instances we find in the areas inspected where your existing information security measures might be improved.

Electronic surveillance counter measures must be seen as part of an integral information security policy. We can give advice on the formulation and implementation of such a policy, including areas such as key, document and disc security, access control, employee and executive awareness and information distribution.

Every successful business depends upon the availability of accurate, reliable and up to date information so that it can make informed business judgements and decisions.

Pinkerton Global Intelligence Services (PGIS) is used by hundreds of major companies the world over to provide regular information on global political, criminal and terrorist activities which may impact upon a business – especially one that operates internationally.

PGIS is delivered on-line to clients. The service is based upon a Daily Intelligence Summary of world affairs and clients can also gain access to Pinkerton’s Eye on Travel service and a huge database of information about almost every country in the world. Each country is given a risk level (low, medium, high or extreme) depending upon prevailing conditions which should be considered before executives engage upon international business travel.

Pinkerton is also able to provide specific information about a range of terrorist and activist groups which operate in the UK, Europe and worldwide.