Help your employees achieve financial freedom: Mercer Invest Wise?

When individuals can grow their money like the world’s most sophisticated investors, your organization as a whole thrives. Discover how to improve financial wellness in the workplace.

You might have more employees with low financial wellness than you realize. Our research into the Canadian workforce shows that worry about finances cuts across all income levels. All stages of career are affected too, with most employees over 50 not having a concrete strategy to achieve retirement security.

Helping your employees feel confident about wealth management matters because of its impact on the overall health of your organization. If employees are preoccupied with uncertainty in their financial situation, it can affect performance, engagement, and even their physical health. Providing easy-to-access resources for employees to secure retirement savings and manage investments can lead to greater satisfaction, enabling you to attract and retain talented employees.

So how do you reduce employees’ financial stresses? Now a digital investment solution exists that can be easily added to your existing benefits and can strengthen your organization’s employee value proposition. Discover an alternative to the high-fee, more limited options currently available in the retail market that can help your employees reach their financial goals more quickly.

Read the whitepaper for an understanding?of:

  • The challenges that are causing low financial wellness
  • What Mercer Invest Wise? has to?offer
  • The benefits to employers
  • The benefits to employees
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