Supporting employee wellbeing presents many challenges to Canadian organizations, from navigating a constantly changing vendor landscape to cost and risk management. How can you defy the trends and transform the employee experience?

Our studies have shown that 50% of workers prefer that organizations protect health and financial wellbeing. And 55% of employers are redefining their wellness strategy.


Building an engaged and productive workforce for the future requires an innovative digital health approach to boost your employee value proposition. Mercer has created a digital wellbeing being solution to help employers meet a wide variety of employee needs through access to market-leading vendors vetted by our cutting-edge Health Innovation LABS.


Offering you Mercer 365?, a unique digital health solution that provides a single access point for all your benefits and wellbeing needs, available 24/7, 365 days a year, from any device. Complementing your existing benefits plan, offering efficient processes and fixed budgets to maximize value for your employees while enhancing their employee experience.