MercerInsight? Power Your Investment

A Cloud Based Platform for Institutional Investors and Investment Managers to Gain Access to Investment Insights and Analytics.

Conduct comprehensive analysis on institutional strategies, explore Mercer’s research and understand trends in manager searches performed by Mercer’s advisory clients’


Monitoring and Selecting Investment Managers

MercerInsight caters to the requirements of both Institutional Investors and Investment managers in gaining access to investment insights and analytics.

trends in investment management

  • For Institutional Investors, this powerful platform provides global, comprehensive coverage of the products available to institutional investors and the ability to view a wide range of information, from quantitative analysis on performance and holdings data to the ratings and recommendations from Mercer’s global manager research boutiques (composed of more than 140 full time staff).
  • For Investment Managers, the performance evaluation tool enables comprehensive analysis of institutional track records against competitors, "Mercer universes" or market indices. The analytical capabilities of MercerInsight, in combination with professional charts and graphs, makes this a powerful presentation package in communicating with their investors.

MercerInsight? Benefits

Gain access to insights and analytics on more than 6,000 managers and 32,000+ strategies.

  • High-quality institutional peer groups, led by our research team
  • Used by over 300 of the largest asset owner clients globally and 200 asset managers
  • View over 10 years of manager search history
  • Access a live feed of institutional fee data from over 36,000 investment vehicles
  • Freely distribute MercerInsight output for internal and external presentations

Global Manager Search Trends & Fee Information

MercerInsight Trends offers a fundamental insight into the institutional marketplace.

  • Compare investment manager fees by asset class, vehicle type, and account size
  • Analyse trends in investment manager searches with custom filtering & reporting.

Read more about MercerInsight – Trends in investment management

MercerInsight and Morningstar Alliance

Mercer and Morningstar have formed an alliance that will deliver a powerful and comprehensive, digital platform for global investment data, research and analytics.  Read more about the alliance here.

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